GF&B’s practice is relatively specialized. Our attorneys have all practiced in the areas of administrative law, professional license defense and health law. We represent individual licensees, corporate licensees, small business licensees, license applicants and others who are having problems dealing with government agencies in the State of Florida. Our clients include physicians and other health care providers, physician offices, hospitals, health plans, pharmacies, pharmacy chains, drug wholesalers, drug manufacturers, and professional associations that operate under the regulatory umbrellas of the Florida Department of Health and Agency for Health Care Administration. Our clients also hold professional licenses as engineers, real estate brokers and sales persons, accountants, architects, contractors, and other licenses regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


We are also available to lobby state government agencies and to participate in agency policy or rule making. From years of working within state agencies and against state agencies, our attorneys and staff have developed a useful familiarity with the multitude of processes and personnel involved in the regulatory framework in Florida. We are experienced in obtaining opinions and guidance from state agencies regarding how a particular agency or board might handle specific issues and situations.


Our attorneys routinely represent professionals in the defense of disciplinary actions against their licenses. Such actions whether simple or complex can have a significant impact on continued practice of a profession both in Florida and in other jurisdictions. GF&B also assists clients with the process of applying for and obtaining licenses and permits from state agencies and boards. Whether it is an out of state physician who wants to move to Florida or a company seeking to open a cemetery, we are experienced and qualified to do it all. We are located in Tallahassee, the Florida capital city, and are available to “hand carry” applications and other documents directly to the agency person who is responsible. This can cut down on the delays that are sometimes encountered when dealing through the mail with state agencies.


Although our practice is somewhat limited in scope, all of our attorneys have practiced in large full-service law firms. We have many relationships with attorneys who specialize in areas in which we do not practice. We routinely work with other attorneys to handle their clients’ administrative or licensure problems. We do not handle criminal matters. Often, however, the same circumstances which give rise to criminal charges or the resolution of such charges will also have a significant impact on a professional license. We routinely work with our clients’ criminal attorneys to coordinate defenses and resolve any related disciplinary actions. Many of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys to handle the administrative or licensure problems of their clients. Our focus is on all aspects of professional licensure and administrative issues related to professional regulation. We are here to assist in whatever manner best suits the client’s needs.

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